Intro: An opensource system combining a good-looking shell (something someone might actually enjoy using) and good portability. Basically, you could carry around your entire portable software collection — along with the interface of your computer — with you. Hopefully, this will overcome the shortcomings of the U3 and Ceedo platforms — neither of which is free or OSS.

People in Project: Me. E-mail me ( if you want to help!

Plans: A customized shell (such as xoblite) that looks somewhat similar to Windows — it has to look good — combined with a wrapper that makes a “portable registry,” so all settings are saved locally. If necessary, a local “Documents and Settings” folder could be made also. A copy of the Portable Apps Suite can be just dropped into a certain folder, and PortaShell will recognize it automagically. A menu-editor wouldn’t hurt either…

Where to Download: Nowhere as yet — my hard drive died, so I’m still rebuilding it.


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  1. * Kirk says:

    Sounds like a AWESOME idea!! I’ve been looking for something like for this for ages! But I’ve never been able to find it! I can’t do any programming or anything but I would be happy to test and report bugs etc!

    Posted 12 years, 2 months ago
  2. * nm35 says:

    Thanks — it’s being replaced by a project called Libertà. Google it for more info…

    Posted 12 years, 2 months ago

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