Welcome to the Projects section. Here can be found a list of the projects I’m currently working on, and if you want to help, just shoot me an e-mail —

Stand Alone: This is a website for my friend “albator” on the forums. His site is, and I’m working on a redesign (you can see an html version at

PortaFTP Apps: Using command-line FTP in a batch file (and maybe eventually NSIS), the goal of this project is to let you just carry around a .BAT file and store your portable programs on an FTP server — making synchronization very easy.

PortaShell: An opensource system combining a good-looking shell (something someone might actually enjoy using) and good portability. Basically, you could carry around your entire portable software collection — along with the interface of your computer — with you. Hopefully, this will overcome the shortcomings of the U3 and Ceedo platforms — neither of which is free or OSS.


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