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Sorry for not updating this blog recently… been very busy.

I’ve moved to — go have a look!


New Section

You may or may not have noticed, but there’s a new section here at geekspot — projects. Go have a look — unfortunately, there’s nothing to download yet, but I’m working as fast as I can. I’d appreciate some help, so e-mail me if you have any ideas!

“WebServUSB” — why pay?

I was just browsing, and I stumbled across this page:

According to that site, you can buy a preloaded USB flash drive which has everything you need to set up a fully portable web server. Apparently this guy hasn’t heard of the portability movement, and he sees fit to pay $90-$400 for something like this. The Uniform Server (a WAMP package) does just about everything except the mail server, is completely free, and is only ~30MB. And it’s OSS — the components are all open source or free, and usually both.

Another option is Abyss Web Server — though it isn’t free, doesn’t have Apache, and doesn’t have popular scripting packages pre-embedded. It is a lot smaller, though.

Apparently it isn’t so powerful, either. Their live demo,, isn’t up — so much for “all the power of a server in a little plug.”

Interesting idea, though. But I’m not paying so much for something that’s already freely available.