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Windows Vista to be released December 1st

Apparently, Microsoft has set up a site where you can guess the Windows Vista launch date. This blog post tells us that Vista will be released either Nov. 30th or Dec. 1st — read his post for an explanation.

I tried to do this myself, but Micro$oft wants my full name, street address, country, and that sort of thing — not exactly suitable for those who love online anonymity. Otherwise, I’d post a screenshot… sorry about that.

Now, is Vista actually going to be worth it? That’s another thing to consider. I’ve got XP professional with a few paid programs to improve its look and feel (ObjectDesktop from Stardock, for example), and I don’t feel like shelling out untold amounts for a new graphics card, processor, and all that stuff just to make the fancy effects work. And just because it’s being released doesn’t mean it’s actually secure — however much anybody claims it is.

Anyway, I’m a pessimistic cynic, so you’ll have to bear with me and my rants… what do you think of all this?


GMail +talk and Songbird hit the Net

This morning I logged into GMail today and saw a new section on the right — “Quick Contacts” — that lets me instant message anybody else on my Google Talk buddy list. Interesting idea, and it looks like Google stole a few ideas from GTalkr — it does the same thing. Here’s a screenshot:

GMail +talk

Also, songbird has finally released a preview release! I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time… and it seems that their server is down. Fortunately, some kind soul has offered a mirror at his website. Also, there’s an interesting review you can read, if you don’t want to download it — it’s got plenty of screenshots.

A Pox on Microsoft…

My apologies for not having posted anything recently. My computer spontaneously combusted, so I’ve spent the past week or so re-installing all my stuff, restoring backups from four different locations, and screaming at tech representatives (God, I hate Dell).

I came across something which could prove very useful, while trying to figure out how to recover my data — a portable version of Windows XP. All you need is a 256MB USB flash drive, a Windows install CD, and PE Builder; you can read the article at “XP On Your Thumb Drive.”

I’ll try to post some more stuff soon, but don’t anticipate anything until Monday. Fixing my computer, along with my RealJob(tm), are occupying much of my time…