Windows Vista to be released December 1st

Apparently, Microsoft has set up a site where you can guess the Windows Vista launch date. This blog post tells us that Vista will be released either Nov. 30th or Dec. 1st — read his post for an explanation.

I tried to do this myself, but Micro$oft wants my full name, street address, country, and that sort of thing — not exactly suitable for those who love online anonymity. Otherwise, I’d post a screenshot… sorry about that.

Now, is Vista actually going to be worth it? That’s another thing to consider. I’ve got XP professional with a few paid programs to improve its look and feel (ObjectDesktop from Stardock, for example), and I don’t feel like shelling out untold amounts for a new graphics card, processor, and all that stuff just to make the fancy effects work. And just because it’s being released doesn’t mean it’s actually secure — however much anybody claims it is.

Anyway, I’m a pessimistic cynic, so you’ll have to bear with me and my rants… what do you think of all this?


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